12 Meridians The Wisdom of Life

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IF YOUR LIFE is a piece of musical instrument, meridians would be the string of your life. Your relationship with your meridians determine your frequencies and melody of life. Meridians are your life lines of your sub-consciousness, which records all of your experiences including your love, your hatred, your pain, your attachment..... Through reading and channelizing your life lines, not only you can heal your own wounds physically and mentally, but also activate your innate talents and potentials.


Meridian is the channel through which nutrition, energy and information travel. It determines the frequency of your life. Your thoughts, speech and action are all under the influence of your meridian and vice versa.
  • If you have pain in your body, it shows the pathway of QI is blocked. 
  • Skin issues, such as pimples, rashes, freckles
  • Blocked nostrils, ear ringing, dropping tears in wind, mouth odor, flatulence, indigestion, chest distress, 
  • Red capillaries shown in the eyes, the whites of the eyes turned cloudy even yellow.
  • Veins on the hands, feet and legs start to protrude
  • Edema, joints effusion
  • Low vigor and stamina, easily get tired and exhausted
  • Low concentration, disturbed and fluctuated emotions
  • Indifference and apathy, aimless in life.
(include but not limited to) :
  • Heat expansion and cold contraction: All the meridians will contract when encountering cold energy. Will you still indulge yourself in cold drinks and cold AC winds?
  • Too many trashes in the channels
  • They are unused energy due to over eating or low digestive fire
  • Less blood in the vessel: low QI level, overweight.
  • Physical Pressure: it narrows down the channels and block the energy flow
  • Emotionally depressed; Are you truly happy?
  • Your meridians determines your body shape, postures, fitness. 
  • Your mind-body state determines your life

Be aware of your body and health through meridians

Meridians can speak in accurate body languages. Listening to the subtle meridians languages, not only can we read the known diseases, but also we can be aware the initial stage of imbalances.
Hurried lifestyles and discursive thoughts cut the link between our body and mind. Through learning the knowledge of meridians, understanding its language and proper QiGong exercises, we can regain the innate awareness.

Resume intimacy with your body through meridian

When the innate awareness is awakened, you can regain the intimacy with your own body. With this intimacy, the inner conflicts and problems will be solved naturally.
The so called problems such as “obesity, bulemia, pain, insomnia, depression and poor postures”, are actually inner callings from the heart that strive to communicate with us. Meridians neutrally illustrates the life stories and causes behind to those who can read them.
Why do we all long for a beautiful body shape and posture? Your posture is the business card of your life force. A centered, erect, and supple body give people a sense of positivity and healthy. It is also the natural result of well channelized meridians. While rounded shoulder and hunched back often deliver the message of intimidation and retraction. 

Understanding your physical pattern through meridians

Through reading our own meridians, we can understand our physical patterns and know the instruments of life. Through tuning the strings of life (meridians), we can balance our body and uplift our frequency.
We no longer force our body blindly to a certain standard. We no longer hurried to a doctor just because we don’t understand the language of our body. Learning the inner language from meridians, is the first step that you take full responsibility of your life.
Meridians determine your energy status and emotional patterns. Ronan said, “You can achieve natural high without coffee you got your own supply through Qi practice “

Vigor = Your energy state

We all like charismatic people, like artist, political leaders, business innovators. They all share the same vibrant energy state.
Where does this vibrancy come from ?
When the meridians are channelized, Qi can flow all over our body unimpededly. When we have sufficient Qi supply in our physical body, energetic body and mental body, we will have limitless inspiration, passion and determination, as a result our whole being starts to shine

EMOTIONS - steering wheel of karma

If you can control the steering wheel of your emotion, transform your negative emotions into resources you can guide your life to the desired direction.
Most of the time, we are the slaves of our own emotions, under the control of Karma. Un-awakened mind is like auto pilot drive mode, any emotional changes can easily disturb us. Therefore, we sink deeper and deeper in the mire of Karma.
The science of meridians doesn’t believe the Karma is unchangeable. Understanding meridian can lead us into the source of awakenings. First be aware of the emotional patterns, and then identify and change those patterns. Not only do we know our life better, but also understand others more, so as to better utilize our emotional resources.

See your life pattern through meridian

Anything that we are not aware of, become our destiny. Our body is the manifestation of our sub-consciousness. We tend to repeat ourselves in similar situation, like we always got triggered by certain type of people, we usually attracted to the wrong partner, or we made decisions that we regretted later on....There seems to be an unknown force that has power over you. By understanding your own meridians, you can truly see your patterns in life. 

See it, then change it

From body to mind, meridian work help us to become masters of life. 


"There is an inner cause for every outer manifestation. Our heart always communicating with us through various signs. Ronan will lead us to listen to these inner whisper of meridians to know ourselves. Listen to the inner callings, bring ease to the body and peace to the heart."

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Ronan Tang

Ronan Tang (Tang Yijie), is one of the China's leading teacher trainers. Ronan is highly skilled at leading therapeutic classes, a fusion of physical, emotional, spiritual aspects of the body, interlaced with a wealth of teachings around asana, pranayama, meditation, Chinese Traditional medicine, meridian massage, acupuncture, Taichi, Taoism Qi Gong. ancient and contemporary philosophy; in other words, a rich and balanced yoga experience. Ronan's insightful teachings aim to help you cultivate balance and harmony in your life, on and off the yoga mat. 
Instructed by Yoga guru BKS. Iyengar, Pranayama master OP Tiwari, Ayurveda doctor Jagdish and heart of yoga master Mark Whitwell, Trance Master Stephen Gilligan, Ronan Tang have a good command of yoga and therapeutic approaches. He has also led many groups to India for in-depth studies of traditional yoga and Ayurveda. Ronan has conducted more than 5000 hours of teacher-training courses in several prestigious yoga institutions around China. He took part in the compilation, translation and proofreading of authoritative yoga textbooks published within the country, and proofread the Chinese version of Light on Life by Iyengar from a professional perspective.
While studying and practicing Yoga, Ronan has also delved into TCM classics, consulted famous TCM masters about the way to channelize meridians, chiropractic treatment and the Taoism viscera-guided massage theories and practices. He also sought advices from Taichi masters on life energy cultivation techniques, visiting renowned Taoist temples, studying traditional health promotion culture with great masters, and exploring the oriental life-nurturing approaches with the help of the peer fellows.

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