Kirana Online Course was born when the Covid 19 hit the world in 2020. We feel the necessity to deliver more knowledge and information to help our dear friends enhance their health and nourish their soul during the pandemic time.
Learning from home while we need to stay at home and hoping that our courses will help our friends navigate their life better in this chaotic time.

We believe good intention will harvest good results. Our courses are truly a blessing to many people. They understand themselves better, physically and mentally. The courses heighten their awareness to notice the imbalances that happen within themselves and provide them a set of tools to bring it back to balance. The ability to maintain this dynamic equilibrium is an essential skill that needs to be learned.

And now we present these courses, to build your skill, in this Kirana Online Platform so you can access them at anytime.
These courses will help you see through yourself, connect with the light within you and transform your life through our diverse range of courses from various disciplines and modalities.

We sincerely invite you to join our courses.

BEGIN THE COURSE NOW! As one of our faculties said, that one of the purpose of our life here on earth is to re-discover yourself.
Don't let your last day come without you discovering who you really are. Know yourself sooner than later; even though it is never too late to start.

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