Your Constitution Determine Your Life Frequency

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The 9 Constitution

Your constitution is like your life report, it unveils anything that you covered in your life, your pain, your fear, your avoidance. The knots in your body, Qi field, and mind are all weaved into your meridian system. You can’t ignore them if you really want to live healthily and happily.
To know your constitution is like knowing where you are right now and where you have been. And from this starting point, with the clear self-awareness and understanding, you can create the future you truly desire, without being dragged by unconscious flood of life repeatedly.
Know yourself and know where you are, hence you can live a life that truly belongs to you!
The body is the vehicle of your life, the spirit express and manifest through the body. Every emotion, energy, information in your life closely connect with your body. The pain and illness in your body are kindly telling some hidden energy pattern and emotional habits. They are actually love letters sending from the depth of your soul, asking new ways to understand and love yourself.
Sickness in the body will affect the Qi flow in the meridians, which further set our emotion in disturbances. It also affect our life’s frequencies and Qi field, sometimes you might feel like there’s nothing going right in your life. Unknowingly we accumulated a lot of fluctuated emotions and negative energy patterns, which gradually change someone’s postures, looks and health, and again it further affects their emotions and experiences.
Understanding + Adjustment + Awareness + Transformation   =   Unity of Body and Mind

Why do we need to learn
TCM 9 Constitution?

TCM, Yoga, and Ayurveda are all great treasures passed by our wise and compassionate ancestors, which include many universal guidelines for life, as well as many individualized life nurturing principles. A quite famous one is “The nectar to you might be poisonous to someone else, vice versa”.

This course majorly based on the theory of 9 TCM constitution, also considering people’s living condition and life habits. Every constitutions has its unique expression, emotional pattern and thinking habit.

For example, a person with Deficient YANG constitution might feel lots of hidden dangers and difficulties in this world; Qi depression/blood stasis type might hold on to some unforgetable past issues... These unbalance constitutions are results of past karmas and impressions which bind people in sick patterns at many levels. 
Usually without enough awareness, power and understanding, people kept repeating the same dramas in their life like robots, wasting their precious energy, maintaining a low quality life even though they all want health and happiness.

In this course,, we will dissect each constitution and discover its root cause. We will uncover the specific unconscious pattern behind each constitution, transform the long hidden impressions, and re-align our Qi field in our body and mind. Our beloved ancestors have developed effective ways to clear the inner blocks through generation’s of exploration and sadhana.   Let’s cherish their treasure and good wishes.

THIS COURSE   will help you live free of the negative influence of unbalanced constitution.  Understand 9 energy patterns that exist both in our body and mind.
Learn to check your own pattern. Those pattern kept repeating themselves constantly in your life, disturb your Qi field and impede your personal evolution. My friends, you will also learn the subtle connection between our body and mind, find out the cause of all illness and their lessons behind the scene.  Further more, you will learn a series of practices that can empower you, boost your vitality, which eventually will help you transform the negative mind-body state.

Please be aware, your mind-body state is your filter, you perceive the world through this filter. When the filter is clean and clear, the world is shining with splendors. The Sadhana we recommend in the course is quite safe, easy, and effective. It is perfect for self practice, you can also use it to help others.
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If you really wish to change your life, you must delve deeper, beyond your consciousness, into the source, melt yourself into the infinite transformation.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Ronan Tang

Ronan Tang (Tang Yijie), is one of the China's leading teacher trainers. Ronan is highly skilled at leading therapeutic classes, a fusion of physical, emotional, spiritual aspects of the body, interlaced with a wealth of teachings around asana, pranayama, meditation, Chinese Traditional medicine, meridian massage, acupuncture, Taichi, Taoism Qi Gong. ancient and contemporary philosophy; in other words, a rich and balanced yoga experience. Ronan's insightful teachings aim to help you cultivate balance and harmony in your life, on and off the yoga mat. 
Instructed by Yoga guru BKS. Iyengar, Pranayama master OP Tiwari, Ayurveda doctor Jagdish and heart of yoga master Mark Whitwell, Trance Master Stephen Gilligan, Ronan Tang have a good command of yoga and therapeutic approaches. He has also led many groups to India for in-depth studies of traditional yoga and Ayurveda. Ronan has conducted more than 5000 hours of teacher-training courses in several prestigious yoga institutions around China. He took part in the compilation, translation and proofreading of authoritative yoga textbooks published within the country, and proofread the Chinese version of Light on Life by Iyengar from a professional perspective.
While studying and practicing Yoga, Ronan has also delved into TCM classics, consulted famous TCM masters about the way to channelize meridians, chiropractic treatment and the Taoism viscera-guided massage theories and practices. He also sought advices from Taichi masters on life energy cultivation techniques, visiting renowned Taoist temples, studying traditional health promotion culture with great masters, and exploring the oriental life-nurturing approaches with the help of the peer fellows.
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