TCM | dr. Yang Mei Qing | TCM Wellness Part 2 - 5 ZANG 6 FU – TCM INTERNAL ORGANS

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Do you know that your behaviour determine your health? In fact, there isn’t any major health conditions which isn’t related to your everyday lifestyle. In other words, it is how you eat, how you drink, how you sleep, how you wear, that separates the strong from the weak. With just a little change in your daily routine, you can control your own destiny, become the happier and healthier you, and ultimately driving the doctors away. Unwind this secret together with TCM wellness.

TCM originated thousands of years back. Before it was re-known for its various means (herbs, accupuncture, tuina, etc.) to TREAT diseases, TCM emphasizes more on the concept of PREVENTION. The very first chapter of TCM’s very first recording was not of the topic of curing, but yet, on how to live a hundred years.

Join our sessions, as we step by step guide you through your new wellbeing with TCM theories made easy and more adaptive to your daily life. Spare your time because nothing replaces your health and nothing is going to get you farther along than to be able to take care of your wellbeing NOW than before you become sick.

Courses are divided into 3 big sessions. The first part being the holistic concept of  TCM and TCM’s pillars (vitals) of life. The second, understanding the functions of TCM internal organs, the 5 Zhang 6 Fu; and the third, the 6 pathogenic factors and 7 emotions that cause sickness. Be ready to discover answers to questions such as:
  1. When is the most preferable time to sleep? Before 11 pm? Not only so!
  2. How many glasses of water should I drink per day? 8 glasses? Not for all cases!
  3. How to simply glow my skin?
  4. How to self-start anti-aging?
  5. The relationship between breast cancer and stress?
  6. How to clean your body’s drainage system?
  7. Will eating “cold” in nature food going to drive away my mouth ulcers?
  8. I always wear shorts and skirt, is that a problem?

We strongly suggest you to take all 3 parts together to get the most benefit and comprehensive understanding of this series.

TCM Wellness Part 2

TCM internal organs are quite different from western organ. You will only know how it goes wrong when you know how it goes right. Learn their functions and their outer manifestations together. Boost your 5 Zhang 6 Fu’s immunity here!!1 Certification

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